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How to Revive the iPhone 7 Run Out of Battery

on Tue, 01/05/2016 - 11:52

Sometimes you never sense how you see your iPhone 7 can not dicharge after running out of battery and iPhone in conditions of "Drain". After that you are trying to charge your iPhone but it happens is your iPhone will not turn on even to look in your iPhone charging conditions.

iPhone 7 Battery Tutorial

Well to resolve this issue you can follow the following steps about iPhone 7 Manual:

If you are still sure that your iPhone 7 is still left a little battery capacity trying to plug your charge back to your iPhone and wait at least 15 minutes. If nothing happens – what the iPhone and still advanced to the next condition dead

Press the HOME button and the POWER (SLEEP) at the same time approximately 10 – 20 seconds then the Apple Logo will be out on your iPhone. After that remove the if logo already looks the iPhone then your iPhone will return to normal

Sometimes you can menghidup turn off the "Silent" on the iPhone turns before performing the process number 2 If number 2 do not process successfully.

Well if it comes to step number 3 is not successful it is likely your iPhone battery that is experiencing the problem. Is your charger or cable are damaged or broken chargernya own. Try using another charger if it still can not please take it to the Service center.